Monday, November 20, 2006

Who's behind Baghdad's mass killings?

Everyday there is a victums, there is a killing a murder and much more than just a country bleeding for peace!

Shi'ite or Sunnis, who's the killer?

Well, both are belived to be Muslims, yet the question still unanswered for who kills who and why!

Let us go back sometime for the last known hurrican in New Orleans, LA.

What happends in there?
Isn't people from the same race same religion killing one another?
But hey, their country still has a law, a goverment, a senator, and they supplied them with (false) credit cards, right?

But they killed one another, because simply a few of us has lost their huminty, now that's the trouble, but isn't that seems usual nowadays?

If we look around in the whole world we shall clearly notice that Man has lost huminity, morality, manners in all masures, lies, crimes and wars are everywhere, but who's behind all that?

Is it still the 19 persons who claimed to be WTC hijakers?

Now, US is in control over Iraq, they led Marshal law all over mid east, they support millitant groups so to run death squad while they support them and back them up too by at least not investegating the death squad's crimes!

So, the real war criminals are who allowed those death squads to kill, and that doesnt by any means that those fanatic Shi'ite are not responsible too!

Channel 4 documentary: "The Death Squads"


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